Long Beach Goes Sanctuary

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On Sept. 19, chants from outside the overflowing Long Beach City Hall could be heard throughout the almost eight hours it took the city council to hear a motion that would help its undocumented community.

“What do we want?”


“When do we want it?


“Sí se puede!”

“Let us in!”

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Hotel Workers Ordinance Fails to Pass

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By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor

Elida Aguirre, representing the Campaign to Stand with Women, told the Long Beach City Council she has worked at the Maya Hotel in Long Beach for 19 years.

“I am here because I am a housekeeper and I know what it feels to be woman when faced with the threat of sexual harassment from guests,” Aguirre said. “Sometimes we have to work in our areas and if something happens to us we don’t know if someone will hear us if we need help. I have marched in the streets many times and come to city council meetings more times than I can count…. I am tired of asking for support without a clear answer.”

Sept. 19 was no different. The city council voted 5-4 against a measure that would have provided hotel workers with greater safety tools against harassment and established workload limitations. Voting no were District 3 Councilwoman Suzie Price, District 4 Councilman Daryl Supernaw, District 5 Stacy Mungo, District 6 Councilman Dee Andrews and District Councilman 8 Al Austin.

The measure, which concerned hotels with 100 or more rooms, failed to pass despite support from politicians such as Rep. Alan Lowenthal and Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn. Attendees left the council chambers screaming, “Shame on you!”

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Garcia Talks Economics

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By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor
Speaking to a full house at the Terrace Theatre Mayor Robert Garcia focused on successes in economic development in his state of the city address Jan. 13
He noted that the city received $4 billion to repurpose the Boeing C-17 site and retrain workers and that Virgin Galactic, Mercedes-Benz USA and Shimadzu Instruments have recently found a home in Long Beach.
“Aerospace is alive and well in Long Beach!” Garcia said. “I am confident that Long Beach—the birthplace of the commercial aircraft industry—is becoming a center of commercial space industry.

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LB District 4 Voters Face Tough, Similar Choices

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By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor

Three District 4 candidates are vying to convince voters that they are the best choice for the job to replace O’Donnell, who assumed office in the California Assembly in December. Herlinda Chico, Daryl Supernaw and Richard Lindemann are in the winner-take-all race that culminates April 14.

Long Beach gets new mayor, new city council

On July 24, 2014, in News, by Zamná Ávila

Photo By Diana Lejins
Article By Assistant Editor Zamná Ávila
Long Beach swore in its youngest, first openly gay and first Latino mayor, July 15, at the Terrace Theatre.
“As mayor I want tolead our city into the future,” newly-sworn Mayor Robert García, 36, said.
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Jim Lewis’ Call to LB District 3

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For former Long Beach Rescue Mission leader, Jim Lewis, running for Long Beach District 3 is not a career move, it’s a calling.

“A Proverb says, ‘Seek the welfare of the city … for in its welfare you will find your welfare,'” Lewis said. For those who are passionate about community, ans want to see it flourish, their service and calling are inseparable.”

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Rosenberg Hits the Ground Running

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At 67, Jack Rosenberg keeps himself in tip-top condition.

“I run 5Ks, I work out four to five times a week,” Rosenberg said. “The good news is I have the energy. The bad news is [that] I’m obsessive about it.”

Rosenberg is going to need that energy in vying for Long Beach District 3. He is one of a handful of candidates with similar views going for the seat that termed-out Councilman Gary DeLong will be leaving this summer.

“My forté, for lack of a better word, is business,” he said. “I’m a fiscal conservative. The council needs somebody similar to Gary.”

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Latina Aims for Long Beach District 3

On January 24, 2014, in Feature, by Zamná Ávila

Martha Flores-Gibson is an immigrant from El Salvador. She has lived in Long each for 53 of her 59 years and is a retired counselor and social worker for the Long Beach Unified School District, where she worked for 24 years. Now she’s aiming to represent Long Beach Council District 3.

“I’m invested in the community,” she said. “I have what it takes. I’ve worked in all levels of government. I an work with nonprofits together with the private sector and come to the table with solutions.”

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Supernaw to the Rescue

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Originally published March 9 in Random Lengths News

Photo Courtesy of Daryl Supernaw

Long Beach City Council District 4 candidate Daryl Supernaw said hears the community’s frustration with seeing the flow of redevelopment dollars sucked up by downtown to the neglect of the rest of the city. More importantly, Supernaw
sees a great deal of waste in how redevelopment monies are used. He noted that Long Beach has allowed relatively new building to be torn down in favor of even newer buildings as was the case with the downtown Long Beach mall built in the 1970s only to be demolished and replaced with a shopping center in the 2000s.

“I would like to see a far more scientific approach,” Supernaw said. “Do the research to see what needs to happen. Instead, you’ll see something built and then after the  fact, we’ll look at issues.”

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